Job Story

Contractor, Largo Concrete, Inc.
Roseville Galleria, California

Trenching building footings. New expansion to the Roseville Galleria.
Equipment used: Cat 320c w/HRC60 cutter attachment.

Largo was using a breaker but not getting the sort of production they needed to keep schedule.  They noticed us working nearby for Teirgert and asked if we would demo our machine on their footings didn't take long for them to see that our grinder was the perfect tool for this job. 

They needed 30" trench width and The HRC60 with a 36" overall tool width was producing a 38" cut - 8" Larger than what was strictly needed for the footings. The additional volume would of course require additional concrete.  but the contractor knew from first hand experience with his breakers that they too would need more concrete as they need to 'layback' the walls of the trench in order to get the required depth.

While the cost for concrete might have been the same for either tool the grinder has the advantage of creating useable backfill material as part of the grinding operation.   This translated to a huge bonus for the contractor as he was able to round trip with a single truck, all the 3" minus material from the grinding operation to a job across the street instead of having to pay to remove yards of broken rock the breaker would have left behind.

Bottom line is that the contractor got the production he needed, was able to reuse grinding spoils rather than buying graded backfill and reduced his trucking expenses substantially in the process.