Since 1980, Marsh Construction has been able to offer our clients high quality, personalized service, competitive prices and professional project management.  We are driven to provide the people, tools and expertise on time and on budget and organized to exploit the latest in technology and innovation.

We were introduced to Transverse Cutting Unit technology as an alternative to hydraulic breakers while developing hill top lots in California. The "TCU" equipment grinds material away only where needed, eliminating laybacks and over-large excavations while at the same time minimizing many of the noise, vibration & truck traffic issues related to breaker use. As a cost saving bonus, the cut material can typically be used on site as fill, reducing the need to purchase graded material.

Because the TCU equipment is excavator mounted, it is precise, flexible and can do the job where access is limited or sensitive.The rotary grinder can excavate narrow trenches and small footprints as well as dig holes the size of swimming pools. Our grinders get the job done faster, cleaner and safer with less noise and vibration.

Hard Rock Grinding and Rentals can provide you with TCU equipment, where and when you need it. We have become a leading supplier of this technology and no matter what your business: grading, site development, demolition, highway construction, utilities, mining or tunneling, we want to be your first call for professional rock mitigation.