Job Story

Contractor, Kennco Construction Inc.
Beverly Hills, California

Two side by side trenches, 250lf, 30" w and 5' d in Hard sandstone
Equipment used Cat 330bl with HRC120 cutter attachment.

The trench was cut in one pass with the cutter in trenching mode. The cutter can be operated in either trenching or milling mode.  in trenching mode the cutter spins in a clock wise direction within the trench.  in milling mode the cutter spins towards the excavator.

Time to cut all trenches 27 hrs at a cost of $26.80 per ft. through solid sand stone. The prime contractor came on site and asked “who dumped all this sand next to the trench”? his foreman replied “it’s from the grinder”.  The contractors response? ” looks like we don’t have to haul sand in for back fill, do we?”